Custom Printed Boxes – Online and Offline Factors


Making the Most with Custom Printed Boxes during the Holiday Season


The Holiday season is one of those busiest times of every year when huge brands, major players in the industry and manufacturers need to pump out their products packed in alluring Custom Printed Boxes like they are being given for free. In fact, same is the case for most businesses around the world. Moreover, these businesses are contributing nearly 20% of their total major sales annually to the season alone. Mainly because this is one of those awaited times when customers around the world do a lot of shopping, not just for them but for their loved ones and relatives too.


If we put things in other words, these purchases are being made for the family and loved ones to be gifted during this season. This is why brands have a great opportunity of making their way to this joy and Holiday cheer and all the festivities by enhancing the shopping, customer and unboxing experience everyone is going to get through the boxes in which the purchased items are packed. In fact, the packaging should be able to take everything to the next level.


But hold on! Do you realize that there is a major difference between the unboxing experience real life packaging offers and the one that you get over the internet? The world of e-Commerce will have something totally different and unique to offer. Which we need to get a look into. So let’s do that, shall we?


Printed Mask Boxes Offering an Offline Experience for Shopping and Unboxing


Have you ever been to the renowned Brick-and-Mortars store? If you shop at that store for gifts, they offer you Christmas packaging options as part of the services they are providing during this festive season. For the most part, these services come free of cost. But even if you do need to pay for it, the prices will be fairly low. For most times, they are into wrapping up the products is some cheerful and exciting Printed Mask Boxes around the original packing. But this is all not what they will do. They are going to embellish the product packaging with heaps of ornaments, ribbons and laces just to make it look Christmassy and loaded with the Holiday spirit and cheer.


But unknowingly, it’s the unboxing experience the customers are really looking forward to. They are somehow quite fond of it. But the question is, how can brands benefit from this experience?


The one thing you as a brand can do is incorporate remarkable designs and features with a combination of the most reliable functionality. This needs to be done especially for businesses with the retail stores as the main channel for revenue and sales. Your packaging design should be such that there is no need for anything else. The boxes on their own are quite alluring and remarkably attractive.


How Printed Cardboard Boxes Change The Whole Online Shopping Experience?


We will now move on to the world of e-Commerce. These corporations of the internet world need to ship their products in reliable Printed Cardboard Boxes. But one thing that worries these businesses the most is the product’s safety. They are concerned about the items reaching to the customers in one piece. But is that all? Or you think there needs to be more?


While it’s important for the businesses to ensure their packaging is offering the right amount of protection to the products. But they should not limit the amazing features of the packaging to just that. Brands have absolutely no right of rigging the customers with the most awaited experience they have been looking forward to without saying. You know it right! It’s the unboxing experience that most packaging are offering these days. This one crucial factor should never ever be neglected, especially when Christmas season is fast approaching. This is for the good of the brand itself.


Amazon is the King of e-Commerce. And despite it being a renowned player, it has made a mistake over and over that has rigged many purchasers from the simple joys and pleasures of the festive season. This mistake has at times cost the customers their Christmas experiences. There are so many people who have actually complained about the giant sending products just the way they are, without adding any celebratory cheers or festivities of the season. You can even say Amazon somehow sort of ruined their Christmas because these purchases were meant to be gifts. But they were delivered without the Spirit of the season. These purchases had absolutely no Christmas wrapping around them.


For a huge number of people, the folly that was committed by Amazon seems like something from the movie ‘Grinch who stole the Christmas’. The King of e-Commerce literally avoided offering their customers the most awaited experience which made them purchase the item in the first place. But when we look at things from Amazon’s perspective, they mainly focused on the aspects of sales from a more logistic point of view. They had no concern about spreading plenty of cheer, joy, and happiness with their customers.


With this in mind, online retailers need to realize that offering their customers the packaging of the Festive season is a must. In saying that, if there is no desire of you investing in the design and packaging of the season, adding minor details to the boxes itself will make all the difference. But you cannot just sit there and do nothing about it.


You need to face the fact this whole unboxing experience is the newest and coolest thing everyone is looking forward to. And it’s not something only major corporations or big industries need to follow. Smaller organizations too need to doll up their packaging. They too need to think of amazing and fantastic ways in which they can surprise the customers. So regardless of what you are selling, you need to ensure that your packaging has the cheer and joy of the Holiday written all over it.